The Teachings of Muhammad and Jesus By Elass Mateen

A unique title that compares the teaching of Jesus from the Bible with those of Mohammed from the Koran. Each spread will focus on a certain topic and compare the two perspectives with direct quotes from the Bible and the Koran along with commentary from Mateen Elass, raised in a Muslim family, who converted to Christianity and is perfectly qualified to explain the difference between the faiths.

Topic Samples:

  • Is God the Father of Jesus?
  • Are Human Beings Good or Evil by Nature?
  • Can One Know God’s Forgiveness Here and Now?
  • What Is God’s Vision of Marriage?
  • How Are We to Treat Our Enemies?
  • What Signs Point to the Imminent End of the World?
  • What Is The Unforgivable Sin?
  • How Should Believers Treat Those They Come In Contact With?
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    • Title: The Teachings of Muhammad and Jesus
    • Author: Elass Mateen
    • Publisher: eChristian Books
    • Release Date: 01/01/2013
    • Genre: Nonfiction
    • Tags: elass-mateen | muhammad | jesus | comparative-religions | islam |

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