Drama Free By Cindi McMenamin

"All the World's a Stage"
What Part Will You Play?

You know what drama your circle of friends, your workplace, your extended family, and in the unexpected circumstances of life. But has it gotten to be too much?

Truth is, we've all been both actor and audience when it comes to life's dramas. But here's another truth: You don't have to let it sweep you away.

Discover a biblical script for a more peaceful life as you learn how to...

  • dial down the drama in your own life
  • respond appropriately to situations that would otherwise escalate
  • incorporate "scene changes" to eliminate inevitable drama
  • view high-maintenance individuals through the eyes of Christ
  • become an anchor in the storms that swirl around you

The world may be a stage—but you can find freedom from the drama.

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More on this book
  • Title: Drama Free
  • Authors: Cindi McMenamin
  • Publisher: Harvest House
  • Release Date: 04/18/2017
  • Genre: Nonfiction
  • Tags: cindi-mcmenamin | drama-free | womens-issues | emotions |

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