3 Prayers for Women in Leadership
by Christie Love
March 17th, 2016

Our 2016 theme in our LeadHer is Pray-Pare — a Christie-created word that means: to prepare our hearts in prayer before we proceed. Through this year’s focus, we are challenging women through our Local Chapters from coast to coast to join a movement of bold, detailed, and passionate prayers. Our desire is to activate women to intercede for their loved ones, their communities, their churches, their leaders, the world, and themselves with new levels of passion and commitment.  Our hope is to encourage women to relentlessly seek God’s will for their lives and their leadership and to see them bravely follow where He directs them.

 In the process of “pray-paring” my own heart, I have been asking God to reveal to me areas of personal weakness that make me open to the attacks of the enemy or impede my effectiveness in the areas that God has called me to lead. God has been faithful to answer this plea for perspective by showing me three areas of weakness that I need to be intentional to cover in prayer in my life. I share them with you out of a strong belief that I am not alone in my vulnerability in each of these areas of leadership.  

1. Reacting to Emotions

 I have learned that I cannot be an effective leader if I am driven by my emotions. When I allow my emotions to dictate my actions more than I allow the Holy Spirit to guide me--my life and my leadership become self-seeking and inward focused. I need to pray daily that God would teach me to use the emotions that he gave me to indicate issues that I need to process prayerfully. I need to ask Him to develop in me an emotional discipline that would enable me to be moved by God’s promptings rather than my feelings.

 2. Dealing with Distractions

 When I focus on following God daily- the enemy of my soul takes notice. When I focus on being obedient to God and sensitive to his stirring of our souls- the enemy takes action. One of the weapons that Satan subtly wields against me regularly is distraction. If he succeed in getting me to react to something that seems to require my attention immediately then he also succeeds in diminishing my eternal effectiveness for the day. As I have become more aware of this sneaky strategy, I have been praying that God would fiercely guard my focus. I am asking him to flood my mind with an awareness of what he is calling me to pay attention to or invest energy into each day.

 3. Comparisons

 I have been guilty of comparing myself physically, spiritually, and emotionally to other women in leadership. I have found myself wondering why I can’t write like someone, preach like someone else, or look like another person. These comparisons to others cripple my own calling. I cannot be the wife, mother, friends, leader, or teacher that God calls me to be if I am more focused on questioning why I am who I am rather than simply being who I am. To help guard myself from the dangers of comparison, I ask God regularly to shift my focus away from the creation and onto the creator. Then, when I focus on him as The Divine Designer of my soul I ask him to overwhelm my heart with a holy confidence in who he made me to be. I ask him to fill my mind with gratitude of the path he carving out for my life so that I am satisfied in his plans and do not feel tempted to compare my journey to someone else’s.

Every woman who desires to walk in God’s will for her life needs to be intentional in pray-paring her heart against each of these common struggles. I challenge us as women to commit to pray over these areas in our own lives on a regular basis; however, I also call on us to be willing to pray for one another as sisters for God to equip us to be better stewards of our lives and leadership for His glory. 

Christie Love is the Founder and Executive Director of LeadHer, an international women's ministry that strives to challenge women to grow in their faith, leadership, and influence through local chapters. You can learn more about LeadHer and how to start or connect with a local chapter at www.leadher.org. You can connect with Christie personally on Twitter at @ChristieLLove.

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