Imperfect Leadership
by Christie Love
May 12th, 2016

I have met so many women who feel that they are called into ministry, yet they refuse to answer the call. What stops them? The imperfections that they see in themselves. They struggle to imagine how a perfect God can use an imperfect person like them. They justify their lack of obedience by listing their inadequacies and shortcomings. I understand their reaction... I followed this same pattern once. 

When God called me to start LeadHer, I spent two years telling him why he had picked the wrong person. I learned something through that tug of war with God... God does not make mistakes. We make mistakes because we are not perfect. God is perfect... mistakes are not part of his character. 

God did not make a mistake when he called me... He did not make a mistake when he called you. I promise you this: If he has called you... Then he has a plan to turn your mistakes into his message. 

The pursuit of perfection is a distraction that Satan uses to shift our eyes from God to ourselves. 
The only perfection we should focus on is the perfection of God. Our perfect God has perfected the art of using imperfect people for his perfect purposes. 

Adam and Eve ate the apple. 
Abraham doubted. 
Jacob wrestled. 
Moses murdered. 
David lusted. 
Esther feared. 
Job questioned. 
Jonah ran. 
Martha bustled. 
Peter denied. 
Thomas doubted. 
Paul persecuted. 

From cover to cover the Bible details the countless times that God used the imperfections of human character to glorify the perfection of his character. God does his best work through imperfect people. His greatest tool is imperfect people like you... And like me. 

Imperfect leaders recognize their faults and their weaknesses. 
They see their great need for God's guidance and strength because they acknowledge they are incapable in their own. 

Imperfect leadership is surrendered to God and dependent on His perfections to fill in our gaps. 

Ladies, no longer can we use the excuses of our imperfections to justify our unwillingness to follow they crazy promptings of the Holy Spirit. 

You do not have to be perfect to step out. 
You do not have to have it all together to follow him. 
You do not have to look a certain way to answer his call. 
You do not have to weigh a specific number to walk with him. 
You do not have to have a set amount of money in savings to sacrifice for him. 
Your family does not have to fit a predetermined mold to be used by him. 

I am not perfect. 
I have never been perfect. 
I will never be perfect. 
My life is not perfect. 
Yet, I lead. 

Will you join me? 
Will you lay down the excuses and embrace the calling? 
Will you allow God to work through your imperfections in his own perfect ways? 

A woman who is willing to do that...
Live like that... 
Lead like that... 
Has the power to transform their homes, their workplaces, their churches, and their communities for Christ through her imperfect -- yet impactful -- leadership!

Christie Love is the Founder and Executive Director of LeadHer, an international women's ministry that strives to challenge women to grow in their faith, leadership, and influence through local chapters. You can learn more about LeadHer and how to start or connect with a local chapter at You can connect with Christie personally on Twitter at @ChristieLLove.

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