Internet Safety Every Parent Should Own
by The M.O.M. Initiative
August 25th, 2016

One of my friends choked back tears as she poured out her broken heart. Her son, who she thought could not access pornography on the home computer, had done just that.

Her tears came from knowing how hard she tried to manage the internet and her children’s safety, and yet the ugly pictures defeated her goals once again.

My Friend Isn’t Alone

Over the past ten years, I have also faced the challenge of our own internet safety in hopes of protecting my young men from the powerful tide of porn. Over the years I have tried just about everything…the downloads, the internet filters. My ongoing challenge was my inability to make the filters work. My brain was never wired to understand how a computer works…let alone how to lock it down and oversee it. 

Time to Declare War

When the tears stopped from crying with my friend it was time to declare war. We decided our homes can be safe from threats from the internet which try to warp our children’s sexuality. It was our time to find a weapon that worked and gain back control.

A Weapon to Win

Then I found a solution. And I LOVE it. And it is super duper easy. And I don’t pay monthly. Did I say it is easy??

KoalaSafe is my new best friend. It works on all the devices in my home and those that are brought into my home (my teen’s friends just love me)!  KoalaSafe gives each computer time-limits, app and site blocking (goodbye Snapchat!!) and lets me know EXACTLY what sites have been visited for how long and when.

And the best part?? I can turn off the WIFI to the entire house with one click of a button on my phone. One click! Even when I am away from home! 

How does it work? You simply plug in the $99 KoalaSafe box that talks to your router, install an App on your smartphone or tablet, or use their web app if you don’t have a smartphone. Then the program guides you through using their wonderful product.

After three months of using KolaSafe I can still say I love it! Managing all the household computers easily from my phone while at home or away is such a blessing. 

How do you manage your internet? Do you have a program you love? We want to hear about it!

In Christ,

Tara Dovenbarger

A great gospel centered book to encourage the men in your life with overcoming pornography is, “Finally Free,” by Heath Lambert. 

This post originally appeared here and has been shared with permission.

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