Powerful Strategies to Fill Your Parenting with Peace and Confidence [podcast]
by Jim & Lynne Jackson
September 15th, 2016

Recently Jim and Lynne sat down with the folks over at the Positive Parenting podcast to talk about how to discipline in a way that actually connects with kids.

The full podcast is 30 minutes —  download below:

Positive Parenting Ep39 Audio – Connected Families

In this episode…

  • Why methods matter less than the messages you communicate
  • How to help kids make wise decisions — even toddlers!
  • Questions you can ask to de-fuse volatile situations
  • How to find the good stuff even in kids’ misbehavior
  • What to do when teens feel distant and disconnected
  • Four powerful messages that all children long to hear

This first appeared here and is shared with permission.

Jim and Lynne Jackson are authors, speakers, parent coaches, and co-founders of Connected Families, an organization committed to giving hope and building strength in families. Jim and Lynne have helped thousands of parents learn to be more peaceful, purposeful, and confident. 

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