Pray for Those Teens
by Cheri Fuller
September 24th, 2015

The teen years come with their own set of issues.


Now our kids are driving their own cars and spending more time with friends, away from family. As they experience inevitable temptation and test their wings, they occasionally take a nosedive. Adolescents are separating from us and developing independence, a natural and necessary process but nonetheless painful at times, especially for parents.


That’s why praying for teens is unique. As one mom said, “With small children I had smaller worries and problems. With teenagers I have bigger worries—and bigger prayers!”


And one of those important “big” prayers we need to pray for our teens is that they will be caught when they are guilty. Although that may sound strange, it’s very biblical.


 In the Psalms, David said that God’s correction and discipline were the best things that could have happened to him because they taught him to pay attention to God’s laws, which lead to life. It may be a little frightening to ask the Lord to bring anything in our child’s life that is in darkness to the light, but mothers of teens have found it an effective prayer that God loves to answer.


Rather than being a negative, the response to these prayers can convey a strong sense of God’s reality and personal care—for us and our teens.

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