Share Your Experiences
by Rick Johnson
August 13th, 2015

Share your spiritual experiences—even your failures—with your son. Involving your children in God’s work demonstrates His magnificence much more powerfully than we ever can.

Recently I was at a medium-security prison speaking to the men on fathering and authentic masculinity. For many of the men it is the first time they have ever heard anyone tell them how important they are as fathers and the value their life has. The men I speak with there are all within six months of getting released and are in a transition program.

Because I am a contractor at this prison, once I enter the facility I am pretty much on my own in the general population. I do not have to be accompanied by a guard like at the maximum security facilities I speak at. This was a little disconcerting at first as these men are considered to be only a “moderate” risk to health and human safety.

On this day as I was leaving the room after teaching a class, a very large, muscular, heavily-tattooed man stepped in front of my path, blocking the doorway. Frankly, that didn’t seem like a good thing, but because you are taught never to show fear in prison I continued to walk toward him.

As I approached, his voice rumbled, “Mr. Johnson?”


He held his giant hand out to shake mine. “I cannot attend your classes because I do not get out of prison until 2020. But I wanted you to know that every time you come here I sit in that office adjacent to your classroom with the window open and listen to you. I just want you to know how much your coming here has meant to me. It has changed my life. Now I am trying to reach out to be a father for my children.”

My kids love that story because it is clearly not about me, but about God working miracles in people’s lives. It teaches them that God uses average people if we are willing.


What was a recent experience that you shared with your son? 

Excerpted from Becoming Your Spouses Better Half: Why Differences Make a Great Marriage, by Rick Johnson and published by Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group.

Rick Johnson is the founder of Better Dads. His passion for families has expanded his work to include influencing the whole family with life-changing insights on parenting, relationships, and personal growth. Rick is the best-selling author of 11 books on parenting, marriage, and masculinity. He is a popular keynote speaker at men’s and women’s conferences and retreats. 

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